quarta-feira, 23 de novembro de 2011

Deal With It

Por Fabio Ramos

                                                                          An old smiling face
                                                                          Captured by a picture. 
                                                                          Does it make any sense now?

                                                                          They’d say we’re
                                                                          Fucking over,
                                                                          Collecting our pieces
                                                                          Scattered on the floor.
                                                                          Do you care about it?

                                                                          Instead of looking for
                                                                          Guilty parties,
                                                                          Just try not to undestand.

                                                                          It matters we’re light
                                                                          As a feather,
                                                                          But closed as a stone.
                                                                          It’s been this way
                                                                          Since last earthquake.

                                                                          Half an hour later,
                                                                          Logic and reason were
                                                                          Completely forgotten.

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